Holy Man

Jeff as RickyHoly Man is a comedy about the manager of a home shopping network (Jeff) who is in trouble for low sales. He meets a mysterious stranger by the side of the road (Eddie Murphy) and uses him to make profits and save his job. He falls in love along the way and finally decides that some things (friendship and love) are more important than profits.

This is a really nice comedy. It's a bit cheesy in parts, but it's a great family film (something Jeff's filmography is lacking). It's very light hearted in some parts, but then there is a deeper message (which is a bit cliche, but still worth saying over again).

It rates:

starstarstarstar (out of 5)


The Movie Poster Art
G's show
Ricky and G have dinner
Ricky annoyed at G
Kate, G, and Ricky have dinner.
G and Ricky talking
G, Ricky, and Kate
Kate and Ricky kiss
Ricky in his robe
The cast being directed by Herek
Herek giving Jeff special direction
The cast perfoming yoga at Eddie Murphy's request

Jeff does charades using flipper

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