Nine Months

Hugh Grant's character, Sam, and Julianne Moore's character, Rebecca, are surprised with a pregnancy and he's not ready. He's a child psychiatrist who can't stand children. Some of his friends (Jeff included) give him some bad advice about the matters. Comedy ensues. The movie follows him as he comes to accept the fact that he's going to be a dad and realizes he loves Rebecca too much to let her go.

Jeff's character is an eccentric painter and a confirmed bachelor. He's in the film enough to call him a co-star and he drives the plot a bit but he's not in that many scenes.

This movie is funny in spots. It has a cliched story but it's good for a mental margarita. Don't expect to find any deep meaning, just a few laughs.

It rates:
starstarstar (out of 5)


Jeff's baby photo
In Sean's studio

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