Jeff as Mickey Holliday

Trigger Happy

(released in theaters as Mad Dog Time)

This is pardoy of "Godfather" type movies. Jeff plays a trigger man, Mickey Holliday, who is awaiting the return of his boss, Vic, who has been in a mental ward because of a nervous breakdown inspired because Mickey was sleeping with his girlfriend. Other than the mob boss being a nutcase, there is "Brass Balls" Ben London who is so totally clueless he thinks he can take on Vic, a few groups of thugs from other gangs, and the fact that Micky is still seeing with Vic's girlfriend and also seeing her sister (played by Ellen Barkin). Needless to say, craziness and hilarity ensues and the story unwinds.

This movie is hilarious. It has to be my favorite Jeff film. It's a little hard to find, but well worth the search. I think it's excellently written and every character is related to everyone else in so many different ways. Jeff is excellent as a shady type of guy and the rest of the cast (Richard Dreyfuss especially) are equally as excellent. You have to rent this movie at least once :-)

It rates:starstarstarstarstar (out of 5)


Poster art
Closeup of Jeff as Mickey Holliday
The car hood scene
A sexy shot of he and Ellen Barkin
Small picture in the club
Waiting for Vic

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