Independance Day

Jeff plays the cable guy/computer nerd, David Levinson, who discovers an encrypted code in a satelitte feed and must save the world from alien attack. Along with his sterotypical Jewish father (Judd Hirsch), his ex-wife, the president (Bill Pullman), and an airforce captain (Will Smith) Jeff destroys the alien mothership and the world is saved.

The story is a bit cliche (it's basically "War of The Worlds" revamped) and there are some obvious sterotypes (Smith's girlfriend, Hirsch's character) but it's still a really good movie. The special effects are above average and the human layers of the story (the relationship between Levinson and his ex, and Levinson and his dad) make it worth a watch. The way Jeff and Judd Hirsch interact, you would swear the really father and son.

It rates:
starstarstarstarstar (out of 5)


Closeup of David
Another closeup, less concerned look
Jeff and Will Smith in a commando pose
David and his wife
David and Julias
The Independance Day cast a press conference
David on the roof
David running after parking his bike
Jeff gets advice
Jeff and Will Smith
The director helps Jeff loosen up

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