Ian Malcom

Jurassic Park

Do I really need to summarize this one? Is there really anyone in the world who doesn't know what this film is about? If so, would they really be on a Jeff Goldblum site? I don't think so.

In short, "God creates Dinosaurs. God destroys Dinosaurs. God Creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates Dinosaurs."

This is the film that made me appreciate Jeff Goldblum. I've always been a huge Michael Crichton fan (I read Jurassic Park before anyone heard of it!) and immediately fell in love with Ian Malcom. I actually avoided seeing this film for months because I thought that "Jeff Goldblum Fly creep" was going to ruin my favorite character. I was pleasantly surprised when someone finally got me to the theater. So, I admit reviewers bias.

Biased or not, it has great special effects. Any fan of movie magic has to see this film (really, is there anyone who hasn't?). It has a great story for science nuts. Surprisingly, Crichton is very well researched even though for some of his ideas you have to take a leap of faith (and even an average person like myself can find small fallacies in some things he calls "science fact").

I think the JP movies have gone downhill since the original. Ian's character was ruined in the second one, for example. There's a sense of awe in this one that's lacking in the others and there's actually a good plot and a sense of surprise. If you've forgotten how good this movie was, check it out again. It might be a bit dated (the effects in JP3 are even better) but the story is still amazing.

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