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    Perfume Cast at Sundance This film is completely improvisational. According to Michelle Williams, also a star of the film, they were given no scripts at all. They were just given a general direction for each scene to go in and let loose. This film should really showcase Jeff's talents as an actor. Shooting is finished and the film will probably be released in 2001.

    Here is an excerpt from Hollywood Reporter's Jan. 31st edition:

    "Perfume" has the whiff of a documentary saturated with a New York Times-style, uppity-insider attitude. Yet underneath its artsy sheen, it's a fictional narrative about the glamorous world of high fashion. Titillating the cognoscenti at the Sundance Film Festival, the Lions Gate release should similarly entrance big-city, select-site audiences. (Read Review)

    Other cast:
    Lysa Apostle, Angela Bettis, Griffin Dunne, Carmen Electra, Omar Epps, Peter Gallagher, Harry Hamlin, Steven Chester Prince, Paul Sorvino, Lee Tergesen, Estella Warren, James Wilder, Michelle Williams

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