War Stories

    Made for TV (NBC)

    air date: January 29
    Cover of Local TV Guide "There is no truth, that's why they call them stories."
    A film about war correspondants caught in the middle of the tragedy of war. A sexy, biting look at war and the press who throw their lives on the line to uncover the stories. Jeff is a seasoned reporter who is teamed up with a idealistic photographer on her first assignment on the front lines.

    This movie was originally slated to become a series but NBC felt it was too risky for a weekly series. It was originally written before the "War on Terrorism" that was declared by the US after September 11, 2001. After the NBC execs looked at the pilot, they gave it a final reprieve and they called back the cast and made the pilot into a two-hour movie. They also added some references to George Bush Jr and 9-11.

    From Variety:
    "The NBC pilot "War Stories" lost its first battle -- but, thanks to an 11th-hour reprieve, it may still conquer primetime. Peacock developed the NBC Studios drama, from exec producers Keith Addis and Peter Noah (who penned the pilot), for fall consideration, before ultimately passing on it.

    But the project, which stars Jeff Goldblum as a newspaper war correspondent assigned to the Middle East, didn't remain dead for long. Given the timeliness of the subject matter, NBC Studios execs, in conjunction with Addis' Industry Entertainment, scrambled to resurrect "War Stories" as a two-hour backdoor pilot.

    Noah had already turned in a second script, which he then reworked into a cohesive two-hour movie. Availability of cast and crew became a huge issue, but even those problems were resolved, and everyone (including director Bob Singer and producer Preston Fischer) was reassembled.

    Production resumed July 31 to complete the second half of "War Stories," which will air sometime this fall. Depending on its performance, Peacock may yet decide to turn "War Stories" into a regular series.

    "We're proud to have the work aired in front of the country even if it doesn't become a series," Addis says. "Peter Noah wrote incredible two-hour scripts. We're enormously grateful that we've been given the chance to complete this film version."'

    Other cast:
    Lake Bell, Ed Begley Jr, Nico Guilak, Noam Jenkins, Louise Lombard, Navid Negahban, Ines Wurth

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