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Interview from Independance Day Promos

"Independence Day"

Saving the world in "Independence Day."

That was delightful, that's right Will and I were preparing we were waiting, around, we were like hey, we've just, can you imagine what we would be feeling if we really did this, were just the whole plan succeeded because of us, winning the Super Bowl and being the guy who catches the touchdown pass, must be a great feeling, but to be the field goal kicker or to saver of the world, that's great.

Got good grades in school.

I got good grades in school, but are school was a little school and a small town out of Pittsburgh, not academically demanding or ambitious, I don't know how much that says but I was not that Science thrilled I was more in to playing sports, Jazz, painting and acting, stuff like that, but recently because of playing these parts I've gotten more interested in Science, my dad was a doctor, and I'm reading this Carl Sagen book that makes Science, see the way he talks about it is very aliquot, makes it seems kind of human kind of romantic and wondrous, spirituals, sexy vermeil, its very attractive book that he just wrote.

Is there life beyond Earth?

- Well Well Well its certainly a compelling provocative exciting delicious to think about idea, smart people say the universe is so big there must be something statistically it could be likely there could be something happening on some other world, that would be fun though think about wouldn't it, I like the idea I'll bet there's something going on someplace else.

Celebrating Independence Day as a kid.

I love July 4th, we had a barbecue in the back and we swam and stuff, and fireworks I was crazy about fireworks, we have these sparklers that we never get any other time of year, I'd love them sparklers, the smell of them, remember how they smell, and there was a thing we had, Snakes remember Snakes it wasn't a very spectacular thing all it is a black little thing, and you light it and it expands, it makes a little black snake, I loved that for some reason, and then these fire crackers, I liked it.

Why he isn't married to Laura Dern yet.

Its a long engagement but marriage is still I hope a long thing and that doesn't always pan out and that is like a shuttle mission, I mean there are 100 ways to make it go wrong, you'd better be prepared to figure out if all systems are go, its a very ambitious thing to do and were trying unflinchingly try to meet all the challenges which of course there are.

Enjoys fame.

Its been fun, obviously if you want to be an actor and you think of being successful you always thought that would go along with it, I never thought that was a horrible thing, in fact I've enjoyed it, its a sweet thing you feel on most encounters, like its an amazing rare thing that you feel connected to people in a way your not strangers, your not bumping into people and they go hey! There going hey its you and I'm glad to see you and I like you, and that's a delicious wonderful thing for the most part, it gives you a sense of responsibility to you cant misbehave without being talked about, you know people are going to say, you know who was a real jerk today, Jeff Goldblum, so you got to be, but that's a good thing, if we all knew we were going to be reported about and couldn't be anonymous that's not a bad thing, but sometimes you cant exactly, sometimes you want to be private, and it can be embarrassing, or not so nice, but for the most part its great.

Interacting with Hollywood tour buses.

When I'm in a happy state of mind, I often am in Los Angeles, recently you know those Fantasy Tour vans that go around, I don't know what there looking at, there looking at studios and things like that, when I pass them in my car sometimes I roll down the window and point myself out to them, sometimes they don't notice me, and I'll go OK never mind, but sometimes they go Oh ladies and gentleman to the right we have Jeff Goldblum.

Acting serves as his outlet.

Its OK I don't mind being, you know to try and subordinate my moods, and reflexes and impulses sometimes and have to be sweet descent and nice, I don't think that's a bad thing, especially I don't think I would have that if I didn't have acting as an outlet, because acting asks you demands you and allows you to be reactive passionate all of yourself, your authentic self in fact your more naked self, your enraged self, your jerky self, your self, its a great outlet so in life if we have to be, you don't want to be phony, but its not a bad idea to have to sidestep your negativity, to count to ten sometimes do the right thing be sweet to people figure out what you can do to to contribute in a situation, and that's not a bad thing.

"Trigger Happy."

Its sort of a week of this gangster, sort of wealthy gangster family extended family of friends and and a power struggle a romantic triangular and power struggle to see who's going to come out on time when the current crime Zaire falters for a moment, and who's the sharpest shooter in town and who's going to get the girl and all the power, anywhere big town USA, rich city USA and somewhere around now, kind of fables.

Ethnicity in "Independence Day."

I love that the movie is about particular ethnic cultural religious types that get a chance to transcend there identities there regional prevention identities and band together as one race the human race and collaborate in a effective way for a common purpose, its tragic that in real life we cant do it without an Alien invasion, there certainly enough challenges on earth that make use, of good idea of our collaboration, ethnic wars and hunger, it would be great if could do that and maybe in this movie we can.

Plans to be in "The Lost World" this fall ("Jurassic Park" sequel).

I guess I'm going to do it in the Fall, I'm excited about it, I don't know that much about it, I trust that Steven Speilberg whos going to direct it, he is going to make a great movie I'll bet , and I think were going to shoot in New Zealand a little bit, and back lots in LA and maybe in Northern California a little bit, and I think it will follow something in the book, Lost World the sequel that Michael Criton wrote, and yeah that will be good.

Value of studying acting.

Yes I think its finally a lot and the mystery of talent but, if you've got it, and I think good training will allow you to develop it, and if you don't have it, exposure to good training is not bad for your life either, people can learn to be a certain thing and enjoy it, there are principles in the training I think are assailable to other areas that I love and have enriched my life.

His style of teaching acting.

Its basically taken from Sandy Mizners work so its very specific approach and it has Stan Ezloskey and drive and based and has to be with living truthfully under imaginary sercumstances, getting into a made up situation, living it out like its real and having the experience like its real and having it seem as its watched to be real. And spontaneous and alive, and imaginative, interestingly done.

Why do people want to act?

Well that's a strange part of there talent or temperament too, its a little mysterious why someone wants to do that, but I think when they come to understand what its about to the appetite that keeps getting reinervated and me as this idea as acting isn't becoming someone else but paradoxingly through the lie of another name another situation, you get to be more of yourself somehow and express things that are in you that don't get to come out as direct and a full away in life, you have to be patient and interactive and connected with other people and interment emotional important way, even though its made up the nervous system doesn't know that and you have real experiences with falling in love and saving the world, and being scared and being challenged and struggling with things in a passionate way that intensifies life and is living in a vibrant way, and that's a delicious way to want to do.

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