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Friday, July 5, 1996

Call him Capt. Chaos

 NEW YORK -- If aliens threaten to invade Earth, who you gonna call?
 Why Jeff Goldblum, of course.
 He was there when aliens attacked in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, Earth Girls Are Easy and Buckaroo Bonzai.
 He faced-off with a T-Rex in Jurassic Park and even morphed into an insect in The Fly.
 "I grew up watching sci-fi and monster movies like I Was A Teenage Werewolf ... and all those creepy old Vincent Price horror movies," admits Goldblum.
 "They made a huge impression on me and I think that's what Independence Day is going to do for a whole generation of youngsters. It's going to be their favorite nightmare."
 Goldblum doesn't mind he is usually cast as the science geek.
 If there were an actual alien invasion, Goldblum says he would do what his character does in ID4: "I'd track down the people. I love to be with them."
 That would include his live-in love of three years, actress Laura Dern.
 "Contrary to rumors, Laura and I are still together. We're just living in different residences most of the time."

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