Hello and welcome to my online zoo!

This page is dedicated to my pets and the animals I take care of where I work. All of these guys are special and unique, but I may be biased. There's not a lot of information right now. I just wanted to get some photographs up. Follow the links to the right to go to picture pages where you can see all my critters. You'll notice that my area is a hodgepodge of different animals, mostly pets that have been donated by people who can no longer care for them. That should make you think before you get an exotic pet.

Please note that birds of prey CANNOT be kept as pets. They are wild animals and the ones photographed belong to a zoological garden who only has them because humans (and sometimes non-humans) have injured them to a point where they can no longer take care of themselves in the wild. These guys are still very wild and would not make a "cool" pet. Hedwig is not an accurate representation of a snowy owl!

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