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Regis and Kelly

January 24, 2003

(Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune was guest hosting with a very pregnant Kelly.)

Kelly: He's clearly one of Hollywood's most talented and versatile actors and he's incredibly interesting. Please welcome Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff: (To Kelly) It's good to see you. Congratulations.

Kelly: It's good to see you. Thanks.

Jeff: (To Pat) Nice to meet you.

Kelly: You've never met each other?

Jeff: We've never . . .

Pat: No. People assume everyone in show business knows everybody else.

Kelly: I always assume that. No I really do, I think that all celebrities know each other.

Pat: Like Liz and I go bowling. That doesn't actually happen.

Jeff: That's not true. Didn't I see you at the lanes the other day?


Jeff: Nice to, nice to meet you.

Pat: It is good to meet you. You're a . . . what do you call people who come from Pittsburg? Pittsburgians? Pittsburgites, Pittsburgianos?

Jeff: Mmm, all of those.


Pat: You grew up there?

Jeff: Yes I did. Pittsburg. You ever been to Pittsburg?

Pat: I have. You know, I find it . . . I don't mean this patronizing, I find it a nice. . . I like Pittsburg. You know Pittsburg. I think it's a nice city.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it was voted most loveable city, dah dah dah dah, several years ago. Oh yeah

Pat: But how do you.

Jeff: I didn't know you had a tattoo. Look at that!

Kell: Yes, you said this to me last time.

Jeff: I did?

Kelly: You said, "I didn't know you had a tattoo and your went like that.

Jeff: Ohhh . . . what happened to your foot? What did you do?

Kelly: You know. . . .

Pat: It was a tattooing accident.

Kelly: No no, I had a little, I have a little uh, numbness in my foot and we couldn't understand what it was from and it was a Neuroma inside my foot that they just inject with shots and it goes away in six weeks.

Jeff: Neuroma?

Kelly: Yes.

Jeff: That's so interesting that you should say that. My best friend, ohhh, has had a little numbness. I wonder if that's a Neuroma. It's been a mystery. Really. Maybe an inject . . . .

Pat: He doesn't wear, like, tight watches or something?

Kelly: Where . . .where is your friend's numbness?

Jeff: I think. . . well he says in his hand maybe and on his shin and sometimes on the back of his neck.

Pat: Could be Neuroma.

Jeff: Neuroma, I've never heard of that.

Pat: The problem is now, everyone in America, there's going to be an outbreak of Neuromas. Everyone is going to start thinking I feel a little thing. I've gotta to go get a tattoo.

Kelly: No, no. My whole thing is, uh, you know, as soon as I'm out of my shoes my feet go numb. That was the problem. You know, they, people say, "How do you wear those high heels?" and I think, "They're the only reason I can still walk." And so . . .

Pat: You go numb after . . .

Kelly: After I take my shoes off.

Pat: By the way, Jeff's here!

Kelly: (laughs) Yeah! no, I know. Jeff asked!

Jeff: No. I know I did. I'm interested also and look I'm excited.

Kelly: Thank you. I'm glad you're excited. I'm ready to get this show over with by now!

Jeff: Are you, really?

Kelly: We only have four weeks to go

Pat: I think, guys do. . . it's a beautiful thing

Jeff: So beautiful.

Kelly: They're just thankful that they don't have to go through it. Come on Jeff, let's talk about you!

Jeff What do you want to talk about?

Kelly: I wanna get . . .I want to talk about how a guy from Pittsburg winds up being . . .

Pat: Show this picture. Can we show this picture? This is guy who came to New York deciding he was going to be an actor.

Kelly: Yes

Pat: And succeeded despite what you're about to see. Where's Jeff . . .

Kelly: Let's see Jeff as a senior in High School.

These are the two photos that are shown.

Pat: This is at 17?

<crowd laughs; Jeff and the hosts do as well >

Pat: Whoa. That's quite a ride.

Jeff: Yes, very nice. Very nice. Me with the lunch there.

Kelly: Are those your friends there?

Jeff: Yeees. Those are the guys . . .

Pat: They went on, they were Herman's Hermits eventually, were they not?

Jeff: That's right.

Kelly: Are you still friendly with them?

Jeff: I haven't seen those guys since that day probably.

Pat: You know what, since we've gotten so in-depth here, we're going to take a break and come back and . . .

Kelly: Jeff Goldblum!

Kelly: We're back with Jeff Goldblum who is starring in War Stories which is about journalist behind enemy lines very, uh

Jeff: Very timely

Kelly: timely because these two journalist were just kidnapped in Columbia.

Pat: And it's, it's umm, obviously you talked to some of these folks and did some research.

Jeff: Yes, yes, oh I immersed myself in it in the weeks before I had to do it. I talked to several people, I read books. John Bellczar, wonderful war correspondent for the LA time. I talked to, at length, you know, David Halberstam, who was in the Vietnam War. "Once Upon a Different War" is a book by William Prochnau about those gallant reporters who went around the system and around the government to kinda get as close as they can. But you said you know a lot of those people that have done . . .

Pat: And you know, you don't think much about it because you see their, read their dispatch or you see their little report on television and you forget what they had to go through to get it. I'm talking,. not to take anything away from the big network anchors with all their people, but I'm talking about, about the grunts who are out there. It's toug and they see, I'm sure as you found out, they see horrible stuff that you can't even show.

Jeff: Oh, no no no no. I saw a wonderful documentary called "War Photographer" if you ever get the chance to see that, about James Nachtwey. It's said about him that he's got library of suffering in his head. He worked passionately for a couple of decades and so has my character in this movie. The people, that's what this movie is about, the people who do this are such specialize types.

Pat: Why don't we take a look at a scene. You play Ben Dansmore, a journalist and he and his photographer partner Nora have been released by their abductors but the terror continues.

Jeff: Yes

<clip plays, "I don't hold myself up as a stellar human being. I'm a war correspondent and they may be two different things.">

Pat: War Stories premiers on January 29, it's a Wednesday. Anything this guy is in is better than just being there.

Kelly: Anything

Pat: Jeff Goldblum! Thank you.

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