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Live With Regis and Kathy Lee

Holy Man Appearance

October 9, 1998

(Joy Philmon, Regisís wife, was filling for Kathy Lee)
Regis Here we go, this guy has worked with everybody from aliens to dinosaurs so how tough can it be working with Eddie Murphy. Starring in the new movie Holy Man with Eddie Murphy, hereís Jeff Goldblum.
(Jeff Enters)
introduction Regis How are you big guy, good to see you
Jeff Nice to see you
Joy Look at that ( motions to Jeffís chin stubble)
Jeff Do you like it?
Joy Yes, I do
Jeff Really? Itís not unrefined for you?
Joy No, I think itís really cool
Regis A little growth here? (strokes his own chin)
Jeff A little growth there (pats his stomach)
Joy Here, let me tuck in your wire (she tucks in Jeffís mic wire that has fallen out of his suit)
Jeff Oh, thank you sweetie...oh look, look..youíre, youíre, youíre a poet of browns and earthtones....
< Joy Yes we confer
Jeff Which, this is black I believe (touches Regisís jacket)
Regis Yes, dark brown is, absolutely...thatís why your wearing it (crowd laughs) No Jeff...
Jeff Donít tell him...thereís a little problem ...with Regis (grins)
Regis(strokes his chin) What does it mean?
Jeff Is that distinctive? It means....I donít know....
Joy It means you got up late
Jeff I donít like to shave everyday...Do you? Tell me about you...
Regis Well, when Iím television I generally shave. Sorry!
Jeff (looks surprised) I feel chastised.
Joy You donít have to take that Jeff
Jeff I meant no disrespect at all. I wanted to add some...what?
Joy You know what I miss?
Regis Add some color to the show, and you did
Joy Does anyone look better than Jeff in horned rimmed glasses? You know those great tortoise shelled....Where are they? Donít you always wear glasses Jeff?
Jeff Really? I donít. But thank you so much.
Watch This Scene
looking into the soul
Watch This Scene
Regis Look how heís looking at you
Joy It adds to
Jeff Iím not looking at her in any particular way
Regis no, you have a way of looking at men or women
Jeff (pinches Regisís knee) You imagine this
Regis Itís a very personal introspective look, like Iím looking into your soul
Jeff Really?
Regis Yes
Jeff thatís a good thing it sounds like
Regis Yes, but the way youíre looking at her
Joy no
Regis I donít mind the way youíre looking at her....
Joy no, itís the way Jeff looks at everyone
Jeff no, (to audience)you just saw me looking at her, I wasnít looking at her, heís imaging this! (to Regis) Youíre like raging bull, (audience laughs) Youíre just like that guy in raging bull, youíre a little bit sick!
Regis I donít mind that, I donít mind that, but I do mind the way sheís looking at you!
(Joy laughs, Jeff looks chastised again)
Joy Jeff has turned into quite the heartthrob hasnít he?
Regis He has, youíre quite the romantic leading man. Yes you cast a long shadow baby
Jeff Thank you baby
Regis Came here to new York when he was 17 years old, you know grew up in Pittsburgh, came here to take a flink at acting, in one year on Broadway
Jeff miraculous, you know, what a story
Regis When you think about it now
IJeff still Iím very very grateful is what I am.. you know, itís miraculous. When you think about it, everybody wants to actors and you think, and I knew that, I thought, what can happen, I donít know, here goes nothing...but I thought, my hearts in it. I gotta try. And the first, thatís right..I studied at the neighborhood playhouse and then the first thing I auditioned for I got
Regis What was it?
Jeff Two Gents, I didnít even audition for this thing They said do you have any tall people at this school that I was going to
Regis oh thatís how he got in
Joy thatís the one requirement
Jeff Thatís right, and they were already in production and it became a big hit, Two Gents, it was a musical version of Two Gentlemen of Verona and it became a hit, big production and everyone had to sing and dance to get in and I, there was already..., and they hadnít even written the show and I went down and met the director and he goes ok, good youíre tall...and that was it. And then it developed into part and dadadada. You know
Regis Oh my gosh, thatís fabulous! And his first movie
Jeff This is funny
Regis Remember Death wish? Charlie Bronson chasing those punks all over New York City because they violated his wife?
Joy These guys were so menacing, I canít believe that was Jeff
Regis He was freak number 1. And here he is in his little beanie. (shows photo, everyone laughs)
Jeff Do I look much different now?
Regis No. I do miss the beanie though. But Charlie got you. Didnít he or did he?
Jeff No, he never got us.
Regis He never got you? Weíll be right back.

(Commercial break, when they come back, Jeff and the hosts are in the middle of a conversation)

Jeff Yes, that was the last time we saw each other, at Larry Shandlingís birthday dinner.
Joy Yes, it was his birthday
Jeff Do you remember I gave him a gift that was very provocative, that my sister made, do you remember that?
Regis Yes, the doll.
Jeff You remember, it frightened you a little bit
Regis It was a doll
Joy an anatomical........
Regis lets not go into that
JoyAnd Regis gave Gary his tie
Regis No, Gary took my tie off. He reached up and said this is my birthday present, it was a wonderful tie, it was my favorite tie, and I gave it to him....
Joy it was my suggestion
Jeff you are like the king, like Elvis, in that way. He did the same thing. (does and Elvis impersonation)Here darling, here you go take my ring. Youíre the same way, generous in the same way.
Regis and then he said Vive Los Vegas. Ok, now here you are, freak number 1, and youíre doing this to Charlie Bronsonís wife..
Jeff the lovely Hope Lang
Regis Hope Lang, sure...but, I thought Charlie got you at the end of movie
Jeff no
Regis he never caught up with you?
Jeff no
Regis He caught up with every other freak in town Iíll tell you that
Jeff I know. Youíre still mad about it, look at...(crowd laughs) look at you
Regis Now, this must have been a big deal, this is your first movie
Jeff first movie with Charlie Bronson, yes
Joy How did you get into this? It doesnít seem like you?
Regis Did they see you on Broadway?
Jeff It doesnít seem like me now that you know me Iím not...
Joy youíre not the rapist type
Jeff I know, I had just gotten into school and I was dying to act and I thought ohh, this is great, I get to be very different and dadadada and I went and we all auditioned and we auditioned in threes, in groups of three and every other awful guy and scary guy was there kind of pumping himself up in the thing and I went and it got chiseled down to me and I got the part and then like I was telling you in the thing earlier the thing when I went, nobody knew me as an actor before that, and I went to the set and I thought they should think that Iím the real guy, even the people making the movie, even the crew and stuff, so I went, talk about not shaving, I didnít shower like I said for like a week or something (audience ewww)
Jeff stinks
Watch This Scene
I know, I donít try it these days. Thereís acting and thereís you know, artfulness...but I didnít sho....wer....and I thought I was doing well until, you know, the a.d. finally took me aside, listen to how humiliating this is, and he said Jeff you know..umm...and he had some deodorant for me..this is a terrible stor.., I didnít know I was going to tell this story, he said Jeff can you please, youíre beginning to smell a little bit. Isnít that an awful story? (audiences laughs)
Regis Itís all in a days work
Jeff So I learned...If I wanted to learn from acting, I started to learn. I thought artfulness is artfulness and you donít have to stink.
Regis You were just getting into character
Jeff I was
Regis Did you met Charlie Bronson?
Jeff Yes, Charlie Bronson is great, yeah, ohh
Joy I loved Jeff ones line in Annie Hall, when youíre on the phone and you say "Iíve forgotten my mantra". Do you remember that?
Jeff Yes, thatís a funny line, yeah, yeah, Woody Allen movie, yeah
Regis Youíve had a great career, you really have
Jeff Thank goodness
Regis in some of the biggest movies ever made, the dinosaur movie, that was a giant, because of you, because of you (points at Jeff)
Jeff I wouldnít (Regis continues) Bless you
Regis You made it happen baby! Youíre the biggest, ainít nobody bigger than you
Joy and Independence Day
Regis Independence Day, there you go again, youíre a part of all these movies. Harrison Ford, whatta talking about? Itís Jeff Goldblum! Alright lets take a look at this latest movie, this is an Eddie Murphy movie right?
Jeff Yes it sure is. Heís delightful. Ohh, wait till you see this
Regis he plays a holy man
Jeff he plays a holy man. A guy who only has the clothes on his back and heís wandering the earth to do good really.
Regis thatís more or less my job
Jeff I know it is, (crowd laughs) but you do do that job... you bring enlightenment, look at this group of people, where else can you see.(crowd cheers)..but itís true, you go down the streets of new York and you see people, if you donít see people, dressed nicely, looking nicely, brightly faced people happy to be here, happy minded, thatís kind of a delightful and special thing...
Regis it is and were proud of our audiences, we really are.(audience laughs)..I am, I mean it, I wouldnít trade you for anybody! So, Murphy is the Holy Man?
Jeff Heís the holy man, yeah and heís doing good and Iím kind of in trouble..Iím kind of addicted to materialism, if you must know..
great crowd
Joy youíre a jaded program executive
Jeff Iím a little jaded....I work at a home shopping network where Iím trying t sell stuff over TV and get people to buy stuff that they donít need dadadadad, my jobís in trouble and I fall...and women arenít really going so well for me. Iíve got to much of everything
Joy In other words, itís like your real life
Regis Easy Joy
Jeff Yes, Easy Joy
Regis Let me hit him with the big hereís come the Holy Man
Jeff What a team you are, I love you as a team. Youíre like Jack Douglas and Raco. Remember them?
Regis Sheís Raco
Jeff You remember them from...
Regis Jack Par
Jeff Jack Par?
Regis Started...Yes, Jack Douglas was a writer for Jack Par and he had a Japanese wife named Raco
Jeff yeah, beautiful with long and she used to come on the show all the time
Joy but Jeff, she had a language problem. I didnít think I did
Jeff No, I just.... in the most abstract sense youíre charming and you make a beautiful couple..
Regis Youíre beginning to sound like the Holy Man yourself!
Jeff I try to good, I learned that lesson from him
Regis lets get into this anyway, the holy man is appearing on your channel
Jeff heís appearing on my channel because Iím in tourble and I think, oh heís not holy man but I kinda want him to help me sell stuff and he comes on the channel and he sort of enthralls people and in this embarrassing moment youíll see what he does to me. Iím kinda trying to stay behind the scenes
Regis the holy man has a surprise for Jeff, here we go...

(shows clip of G showing the picture of Ricky to the viewing audience)
say bye to Jeff
Regis Looks like a funny movie
Jeff I know, Eddie, of course Kelly Preston you saw there, John Crier you saw there great cast... and you
Joy actually thatís not a bad idea for the Home Shopping network, to have somebody on like that
Jeff itís not
Regis yeah, once in a while....itís not a bad idea for use either
Holy Man opens today all over the country..Jeff thanks very much, itís nice to have you, youíre terrific
Jeff Thanks very much
Regis Jennifer Tilley coming right up, weíll be right back

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