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Jeff as Hatch Harrison


Hideaway is based on the Dean Koontz novel by the same name and co-stars Alicia Silverston and Christine Lahti. Jeff plays Hatch Harrison, Alicia's father. Hatch and his wife are in a car wreck early in the film and Hatch is prounounced dead for but is brought back to life after hours have passed. This experience somehow gets him psychically connected to a serial killer who preys on teenage girls. Hatch's daughter becomes his next prey and Hatch tries desparatly to stop him.

Be sure to watch after the credits as there is one final scene in the film hiding there!

This film is ok. Jeff is great in it but some of the other actors are lacking seriously. There are a few scenes which make you go "huh?" and seem totally out of place. Overall, I wouldn't call this a great film but I would say that Hatch was a great role for Jeff.

It rates:
starstarstar (out of 5)


Movie poster art
Closeup of Jeff
Hatch in the "Hell" park
Hatch searching for something
Jeff and Alicia Silverstone
Hatch cuts himself
Hatch reads the news about the murdered girls
Hatch alone at the psychic
Hatch and the psychic together
Hatch and his wife playing the movie game
Hatch in a tutleneck
Hatch hanging from the sky

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