Photos Taken From Magazines

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Vanity Fair; Big Chill Reunion Photo Mifflin High Yearbook; Jeff's high school yearbook photo. Mifflin High Yearbook; In the Student Life section of the yearbook. Films in Review; Magazine Cover Hollywood; Magazine Cover Blitz; Blitz Cover GQ; The cover of GG GQ; Jeff and Geena embrace GQ; Jeff and Geena kiss GQ; Jeff and Geena cuddle Playgirl; Photo from magazine(fully clothed) People Weekly; Jeff and Geena Davis at the Oscars. People Weekly; Geena shows off her dress. POV; POV cover POV; Jeff has the world at his fingertips POV; Another around the world shot with suitcase POV; Jeff with suitcases POV; Jeff leaning against wall Entertainment Weekly; Jeff and Laura Dern Entertainment Weekly; Star; Jeff and Dern wait for a limo. Entertainment Weekly; Jeff in robe Entertainment Weekly; Photo from charity event InStyle; His bay window InStyle; Working out InStyle; Jeff in bed reading InStyle; Jeff's kitchen InStyle; Jeff in a chair in his living room InStyle; Jeff's piano room InStyle; The outside of his house InStyle; Outside by his pool InStyle; Jeff at his piano InStyle; Jeff's backyard InStyle; Jeff on his porch InStyle; Another shot of Jeff on his porch InStyle; Jeff's billards room Saturday; An alien Sunday; Cover of magazine Sci-fi Magazine; Cover of magazine Entertainment Weekly; Cover of Magazine Entertainment Weekly; Jeff being raptor lunch Entertainment Weekly; Jeff and a t-rex Good Taste; Jeff in tank top Smoke; The cover Smoke; Title photo Smoke; Reflective pose Smoke; Jeff with cigar (3 photo spread) Smoke; Rationalization pose Smoke; Karate pose Live!; Photo of Jeff and mention of The Lost World Life; Cover and story The Empire; Jeff playing piano at Copacabana The Empire; Jeff enjoys the view of Corcovado The Empire; Jeff catches a trolley in Santa Tereza The Empire; Jeff plays piano again Empire; Empire Cover Usa Today; Jeff and Jennifer Love Hewitt Playboy; Jeff and a playmate Parade; Photo of Jeff and question InStyle; Jeff and Gina Gershon InStyle; Jeff and John Waters Celebrity Style; Star; Jeff in a gym with Gala; Photos of Jeff and his alleged girlfriend Organic Style; Jeff with Wendie Malick and Julia Louis Drefus Star; Jeff and Kirsten Star; Public kiss Star; Jeff as Star; Jeff walks Kirsten's dog Vanity Fair; Big Chill Reunion Shot

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