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Patrick Stoner: JURASSIC PARK, INDEPENDENCE DAY, and now LOST WORLD: These are films that will be in the record books when we look back at 20th century movies. Have you gotten more interested in the history of your profession since you've been involved in films that clearly will be a big part of that history?

Jeff Goldblum: I HAVE. I try to learn more about it. I mean, history in general is not uninteresting -- to our humanity and what we're doing now. But being part of this movie-making and acting is very interesting to me, and -- in fact -- Steven Spielberg knew that there were gaps in my exposure to old movies. So, I said to him, "What are the movies that I should NOT have missed by this point in my life and career?" And, he gave me a gift of a box of laser discs -- several films of which I've never seen.

Stoner: Spielberg is quite an old-movie buff. What did he give you that you HADN'T seen?

Goldblum: THE QUIET MAN, THE SEARCHERS, THE THIRD MAN, NOTORIOUS, HIS GIRL FRIDAY. Oh, a lot of great stuff. He was very generous to have done that.

Stoner: You're also part of that other thing that makes all of this possible -- box office. Is that at all intimidating?

Goldblum: Overwhelmingly! Grateful-making also [laughs]. I can't believe that I've been lucky enough to be in a couple of these things. It's amazing.

Stoner: You never made choices, as a rule, based on box office potential. You always liked that eccentric part or that small film.

Goldblum: True. I just did parts that interested me, but it's an exciting aspect of this [LOST WORLD] that it REALLY does thrill some people. It takes them out of themselves for a couple of hours, and I always enjoyed that, especially as a kid.

Stoner: Exactly. You'll live forever in some kids' minds. That must be a special pleasure.

Goldblum: A pleasure, yes, but it always comes with a sense of reponsibility. I remember when I was a kid ... oh, if I had seen movies like this. I remember movies that were the VERSION of this when I was growing up -- event movies -- and, oh, they're still alive ...

Stoner: ... still alive, somewhere inside ...

Goldblum: ... somewhere inside, exactly, wherever that little boy still lives. It really is a form of immortality.

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