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This chat is from a live internet chat from Jacob Jarvits Center in New York. It is also archived on edrive in it's edited form. This is taken mostly from my computer's cache memory.

Actor Jeff Goldblum, Live from the Ultimate Yack Stage at Jacob Jarvitts Center at the Fall Internet World on October 7, 1998.

ENTERTAINMENT DRIVE: The Entertainment Drive Chat Studio presents an exciting live chat with Jeff Goldblum. We are coming to you from Internet World in New York City. Jeff has a lot of fans here at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and we'll take questions from the online fans as well as those here at the Ultimate Yack booth!

EVELYN: The previews for Holy Man look hysterical! Any great stories you can share?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: It was great fun. A smorgasbord of laughs. Eddie Murphy does a hi-larious imiation of me. Stephen Herek, the director who did Mr. Holland's Opus has a great heart and this movie is not without it's warm romance. The laughs were also helped by a writer, Mitch Glazer, who came in and worked on the script and is terrifically talented.

CSWARTZ: In the press notes for Holy Man, you say that your character is "sort of about me." How so?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: About me... It's about me in that I'm trying on a daily basis to bring more meaning to my life and live a life with the highest values.

THE_RODRIGUEZS: I've heard that Kelly Preston plays your love interest in Holy Man. Do you kiss her in the movie?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Yep. I sure do. We kiss each other. We're all wet and have just come out of the rain. It's good.

ESATTLER: Jeff, have you seen any of the tribute pages on the web made for you, and if so, what do you think of them?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: I've seen some of them. I already know everything about myself, so I don't stay on them long. But they look beautiful...

CSWARTZ: Which is tougher, working with 19,000 pounds of automated dinosaur or working with a comic superstar like Eddie Murphy?

GOLDBLUM: They're both awesome and unpredictable and inspirational and easy as pie. A dream come true!

CSWARTZ How did it feel making The Fly?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Thank you for that question. It was good. David Kronenberg is a spectacular director. We were all passionate about making that movie, it was very challenging. Five hours of make-up a day!

ZOIZOI: Jeff - Have you ever considered a full-time musical career?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: No, but I love muxsi. I've always wanted to be an actor, but have had music as a hobby all this time. I lov ejazz. I recently recorded for a charity album, a song that I wrote with Peter Harris, who is a musical genius. It's for the Wildlife Way Station--it's called "Born Freeky".

FROM THE FLOOR:What do you personally, see for the future of movies, the Internet and interactive media-- and maybe your job security!{g}

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Oh, I see what you're getting at. I'll accept whatever the heavens have in store for me, greatefully.

SLHORO: What were your favorite actors growing up? Who do you like today?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Marlon Brando and Peter Sellers. And I've just seen "To Kill a Mockingbird" with Gregory Peck again. It was wonderful.

VAMPIRA: Hi I'm from Australia. In all the movies that you have starred in, which movie and which of your characters were the most interesting and exciting to be a part of, and which most you relate to... thank you so much.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Thank you Vampira! Well I feel like I'm trying to get better. And no bologna, I enjoyed The Holy Man as much as anything that I've ever done.

CSWARTZ: If you're awake at three in the morning and one of your old movies is on the TV, will you watch it?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: The truth is, I flick by it.

EIM: Which Shakespearean character would you most like to play? I see you as Oberon, Macbeth, Hamlet, or Anthony myself.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Oooohh--you do? My first professional job was in the musical version of "Two Gentleman of Verona" and it was called "Two Gents."

FROM THE FLOOR:What was your most inspirational role as an actor?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Actually, even though it's funny, the things that Eddy Murphy's character says to me are inspirational. He plays a very wise and special character.

CSWARTZ: Are you looking forward to the re-release of The Big Chill?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Yes I am. It'll be fun to see all those people again and to see the mvoie again, which I haven't seen in a while, on the big screen.

CSWARTZ: Holy Man is the second film you've done with Robert Loggia (ID4 being the first). Did you sneak any alien creatures onto the set?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Nooo, there are no alien creatures here on earth.

FROM THE FLOOR:What types of books do you read? Who are your favorite authors?

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Oh, I read much. You ever read a "Hundred Years of Solitude"? A wonderful book to read.

CSWARTZ: Let's find out what Jeff has coming up in the next few months.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Yes, well Lost World is going to be shown on network TV soon.

ENTERTAINMENT DRIVE: (big applause in the audience)

JEFF GOLDBLUM: I did a piece for this book called, The Emperor's New Clothes that Steven Spielberg and General Schwarzkopf spearheaded that will benefit the Starlight Foundation. It will be in book stores in time for Christmas. I have a part in Prince of Egypt. It's the Moses story and comes out at Christmas time.

ENTERTAINMENT DRIVE: We've run out of time, but thanks to Jeff Goldblum for stopping by to chat with us live from Internet World. Thanks also go to everyone that joined us for the chat online and here at the Ultimate Yack! Copyright Entertainment Drive L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

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