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Jeff on Seeing Himself Onscreen

Patrick Stoner: So, I saw you and Laura [Dern, his girlfriend] in the big screening of INDEPENDENCE DAY. It must be strange to be an audience where everyone is watching what you're doing up there.

Jeff Goldblum: Yes, strange and nice. It was odd because I hadn't seen much of what we had done until I saw it all put together up there. So, I'm watching everybody, but I care mostly about me [laughs]. So, I'm watching and thinking, "Good, Jeff. That's nice, Jeff. Yes, Jeff, go for it. Oh, YES, Jeff."

Stoner: [laughs] I would think it would be a bit intimidating, though. Are you listening for the sound of shuffling and coughing, or is your attention up on the screen?

Goldblum: Both. I see me doing something, and I think, "Yes, that's good. They liked that." And, "Oh, I didn't like that. Did they?" Or, "I liked that, but they didn't seem to." [laughs] You know. Sensations are pouring in from every direction.

Stoner: One serious question: it was nice to see our country pull together in a film, for a change. Did that matter at all to you?

Goldblum: Yes, isn't that nice? And not just the country ... the world. Everyone pulling together in spite of racial or religious differences. If you love this country, you have to like it when we all work together for something, even if it takes an alien attack to do it.

Stoner: And it's nice to admit feeling it, isn't it? We men aren't good at that.

Goldblum: You mean showing emotion? No, we're not. That's why I went into acting--so I could express my inner feelings better than I do in real life--and that's what acting lets you do. You reach inside and share what's there with others, in a very creative, very healthy way.

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