A new album of MUSIC by Leading Film Stars to benefit the WILDLIFE WAYSTATION

RPH Productions Inc. announced today their first major celebrity benefit album, "Hollywood Goes Wild!" Two years in the making, the star-studded album is due for release in February of 2001.

The announcement was made by RPH Productions Vice President Philip Hopkins. The album features some of Hollywood's most-celebrated actors, many of whom also happen to be talented musicians. Jeff Goldblum, Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Milla Jovovich, Johnny Depp, Mare Winningham, Dogstar, Juliette Lewis and Bijou Phillips are contributing to the album in support of their "pet" charity, The Wildlife Waystation.

The Wildlife Waystation is a national non-profit, holding, rehabilitation, medical and problem solving refuge for wild and exotic animals. A 24-hour on-site medical facility provides both routine care to resident animals and emergency care to California native and wildlife at no charge to the public. This non-profit 501-c3 charity is supported entirely through donations, memberships, fundraising events and their Animal Sponsorship Program. The sanctuary is located on 160 acres in the Angeles National Forest of California. Stars such as Drew Barrymore, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno are also sponsors on this charity.

The Wildlife Waystation is delighted to be the designated charity for the Hollywood Goes Wild CD. All proceeds the Waystation receives from CD sales will help offset operational expenses of approximately $200,000 per month-73% of which goes directly to program services: providing food, medicine, bedding, and utilities to care for the more than 1,100 animals, birds and reptiles living at the facility. Costs at the Waystation are overwhelming: Collectively, our big cats consume an average of 1,800 lbs. of meat per day. Our primates and bears consume 300 lbs. of fruit and produce per day. Other animals consume 250 lbs. of chows, grains and birdseed per day. Reptiles & others require 400 units per day of "specialty" foods. 200 lbs. of other assorted foods, such as mealworms, eggs, formula and yogurt, are needed. We use one half ton of straw, hay, shavings & other bedding materials per day. Medicines and medical supply costs (not including vet costs) average $35,000 annually. The average enclosure costs $7,500 to $10,000 per animal. 90% of WW's water, gas, electricity, propane and sanitation costs are for the animals. And this is just to maintain care to the residents we currently have.

Mare Winningham - "Dennis Quaid convinced me that this would be a fun way to stop being worried about the 'actress who sings' moniker and celebrate a good cause. Artists like me who are establishing themselves, really benefit from being on compilations. Plus, there are people on the planet you want to rub elbows with in whatever way possible. To organize and strategize for the good of animals and people is a job that takes a big heart and dedication." Look for the CD in February!