Jeff on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno



Jeff arriving at the Tonight show
Jeff arriving at the Tonight show
Jeff walking out on stage
Jeff embracing Jay
Close up of Jeff
Close up Jeff smiling
Jeff and the pillow
Jay whispers a use for the pillows to Jeff
Jeff proclaims his love for an uncluttered life
Jeff talks about his big head
Yet another closeup
A close up
Jeff imitates Oj with his glove
Jay gives Jeff the bird

Real Video Files

Jeff's head
Jay made a comment in his "Mr. Brain" segement that Jeff has a huge head. He mentions this to Jeff and Jeff argues that his head is normal size.
Decorator Pillows
Jeff questions the purpose of Jay's fru-fru pillow, then comments about women haveing them all over the bed when they have no purpose. br Jay suggest a "/rm/ram/sexy" purpose for such things.)
Jeff's "Prissyness"
Jeff talks about simplyfying life by giving everything away.
The Holy Man
Jeff discusses his upcoming movie, Holy Man.
Jeff and the Glove
Jay's other guest had exotic birds on, Jeffs hold an owl and does an OJ routine with handling glove.

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