Saturday Night Live



One of the promo pictures SNL uses between commercials
Jeff during the monologue.
Jeff answering questions during the monologue.
Jeff and Rob Schneider's Skit
Jeff and Rob again.
Jeff rents a video from David Spade.
Jeff and Steven Tyler

Real Video Files

The monologue was basically Jeff fielding questions from cast members about the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. The cast thinks that the dinosaurs are real, and Jeff swears that were fake, then his girlfriend at the time, Laura Dern, asks a question.

Jeff and Rob Jeff and Rob pt 2
This is one of the funniest skits I have ever seen on SNL! Rob Schnider (one of my favorite old SNL cast members)plays a street muscian and Jeff throws his spare change to him. Rob then yells at Jeff and tells him "I don't need your money, I'm just down here for the acoustics" but then Jeff hears his song.

Jeff in the Video Store Jeff in the Video Store pt. 2
Jeff goes into David Spade's video store and asks for the "adult" section. He is recognized as Jeff Goldblum with his video selections and gets called a pervert.

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