E!'s Uncut

E's Uncut was aired September 9. It was a collection of interviews featuring Jeff encompassing his entire career.


Jeff with a big grin.
Jurassic Park Jeff, I think he looks like Howie Mandel here.
Jeff signing photos at a sci-fi convention

Real Video Files

Being Celebrated
How Jeff feels about being "celebrated" and superficiality.
How Jeff prepares for a scene
This is from an ID4 interview. Jeff speaks about "collecting" himself before a shot.
People Vs. Animatronics
According to Jeff acting is only "sexy" when real people are involved.
He was a joy
Jeff's "politeness" training got him far as a child.
"Don't Do It"
Acting is a stupid thing to do according to Jeff, that is unless you just have to do it.
Life on Other Planets
Check the hair in this one! It's from "FutureQuest" a PBS show Jeff once did. Other people like us on some other planet is an intresting concept to Jeff.

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