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Prince of Egpyt Appearance

Dec 15, 1998

[In the Monologue Jeff is mentioned and it sort of sets up the entire show]
Jay We got Jeff Goldblum on the show, one of the voices in the new movie Prince of Egypt, and of course in some the biggest films of all time, and a very cool guy, this is a very cool guy
Kevin kind of laid back
Jay I like Jeff. He kinda plays music and I think the woman go for him, I gotta learn some of his tips. Jeff Goldblum is here.
And the Star of the hit TV show, Sabrina the Teenage With, Melissa Joan-Hart will be here (to kevin) Gee, she's gonna be sitting next to Goldblum.
Kevin Wait a minute, Jay (laughs)
Jay She's cute. He's a charmer that Goldblum guy.
Kevin Jay are you horny tonight?
Jay No, I'm not horny tonight.
Kevin First the guys [this refers to a comment Jay made about the band earlier] and the Goldblum
Jay Why Yes, I am!
(Kevin holds his hand up like a cross)
Jay I was just saying, Jeff is... (fans Kevin off) and the extremely popular Goo-Goo Dolls

Jay My first guest, good friend of the show, I love this guy, great actor! He has starred in such films as The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independance Day and is now the voice of Aaron, brother of Moses
(to Kevin) brother of Moses? Thatís a pretty big gig
Kevin Yeah
Jay in the new animated film, Prince of Egypt. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jeff Goldblum
(crowd cheers, Kevin and the band is playing "Egyptian music" and Jeff comes out hugs Jay and belly dances for Jay, not facing camera)

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(all of this said lowly under music)
Jay You have to do that! (points towards audience)
Jeff (sheepishly) No
Jay You HAVE to do that
(Jeff faces audience and belly dances for them, they cheer wildly)
Jeff I swore I would never do that
(music dies, Jeff is still standing looking at the floor)
Jay No, no, no, thatís a very, Thatís the sign of a confident man. There are not men who that have that kind of confidence, you see I would never would never belly dance. You see you are confident enough...give Ďem a little of that belly dance, show Ďem again
(music picks back up, Jeff does it again)
Jay (with a bit of sarcasm) Yeah, Wow!! Wow!
Jay Have a seat buddy
Jeff (laughingly) Oh gees, I swore Iíd never do that. Iím so humiliated.
Jay Well, itís good to see you
Jeff Itís great to see you
Jay Now you see you have the life everyone wants. You travel all over the world, famous actor. Now where have you been lately?
Jeff I have, I have. I was in...Iíve been promoting this Prince of Egypt, so they sent us to recently Mexico City, and Brazil, Rio
Jay Is that a wild town
Jeff Well, I was only there a few days, but it seems pretty wild, you know the beach and...
Jay Are the women...itís topless on the beach right? Naked on the beach?
Jeff Yes, yes, yes, yes, naked, and you know topless, and they do have the bottoms, I hate to be talking about this too (laughs) but they do have the thong bottoms, but they are particularly..ummm...the Brazilian women
Jay Extra thongy?
Jeff (smiles) Well yeah, they sort of, very nice...ummm
Jay They like the full, we like the little tiny (makes hand motion) but there you get the real woman. (Jeff kind of makes a noise in objection) but itís true, you get, I mean...
Jeff I donít want to say anything insulting
Jay Itís not insulting, but itís true. You get a nice full figured, good looking woman.
Jeff Yes, yes, yes, itís...
Jaydo you prefer more the full figured or the little skinny woman?
Jeff You know, I tell you, now that were talking about it, I donít have a, itís so wide (make wide motion with hands)
Jay So you like wide?
Jeff (Jeff laughs) No, no, you misunderstand, a wide variety. Of course itís inside the person, in there intelligence and humor, BUT having said that,
Jay Well of course, yes (jay laughs)
Jeff You know, bubbly (makes a grabbing motion with hands)
Jay Bubbly, yeah. you know, you gotta get that rebound.
(crowd laughs)
Jay Come on. How many guys really like that buns of steel thing? You donít want go (knocks on the desk) Ouch! My hand.
Jeff No....Thatís right (sort of sedately)
Jay You dating anyone special now or are you a man of world?
Jeff No one special, I wouldnít say Iím a man of the world either but you know, just enjoying myself (someone in crowd cheers, Jeff looks towards crowd) thank you so much.
Jay Let me ask you about your film, your promoting this film, itís an animated film, a cartoon...
Jeff I wouldnít call it a cartoon....
Jay well, animated
Jeff yes, very sophisticated kind of thing like you never seen before
Jay yeah, it looks great, but hereís the thing, youíre traveling overseas to promote this...donít they dub your voice when youíre in a foreign language?
Jeff yes, yeees, some...
Jay So youíre not even in the film over there?
(Jeff laughs)
Jay Why youíre just going to Rio to look at those (make the wide motion)
Jeff (grins) Now that you mention, they have some versions that are subtitled and stuff like that
Jay Oh they do? They subtitle animation
Jeff Yeah, itís true, yeah, because you know itís an incredible cast and people wanna see, you know, everybody knows Michelle Peifer is in this and Sandra Bullock and Val Kilmer Steve Martin, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart, Ralph Finnes. You know him? He spells his name R-A-L-P-H, like Ralph.
Jay If you see it you would think Ralph Finnes
Jeff Yeah, but he pronounces it RAPH., yes, well you know that.
Jay Yes
Jeff But, Iím such an admirer of his, you know that neglected L of his, you know my name is spelled J-E-F-F, but from now on I will pronounce it JELFF.
Jay I like that
Jeff Yes
Jay Jelff I like that, You know, that sounds actory
Jeff It does, all the new kids have something like that, I guess Iíll just keep Jeff.
Jay I like Jeff. Thatís a nice...You know, youíre just a regular guy.
Jeff I am a regular guy
Jay You are a regular guy. You have a clip of yourself?
Jeff Yes
Jay Of your voice
Jeff (Smiles) Yes, Of my voice....
Jay itís a clip of your voice!
Jeff Yes, although they videotaped while were were doing it and you know so my character looks tall and kinda lean, ugh, and my movements, some of my movements...
Jay You know when I saw this, I thought you know itís my imagination, I know your voice so well, that Iím imagining the character moves like you and looks like you, but now that you mention it, you know it really does. So they study your movements?
Jeff A fabulous artist, Fabio Lingineni, from Brazil as a matter of fact, was the only guy drawing my character and while we were doing our recordings he watched me and me and videotaped my movements, I think thereís something of a....
Jay thatís a great name, whatís his name again?
Jeff Fabio Lingineni
Jay Now see, you walk up to a woman and say (in accent) "Hello, I am Fabio Lingineni", itís better than Jeff. It has to work better than Jeff, right?
JeffThere on guard, when you say Fabio Lingineni their already, yeah right, Rico Suave, no thank you.
Jay Yeah, well it still sounds good "Fabio Lingineni"
Jay You say it very nicely
Jay Well, lets look at the clip, hereís a clip from
Both Prince of Egypt
Jeff (to the TV) Thatís Sandra Bullockís Character
(Days Work Clip Plays)
Jay Man thatís exciting
Jeff Thank you
Jay you still ummm...I know you still play in your band because some of the women on our show have come down to see you
Jeff I know, they said, I know
Jay What is the name of group now? You change it all the time
Jeff We change the name of group, it doesnít have a name. It used to be called...Peter Weller used to play with us he called us Three Guys From Italy.
Jay Not one guy from Italy
Jeff I know, none of us are from Italy. Then, a couple of weeks ago it was the Fancy Lads. (crowd snickers) No good? You donít like that?
Jay Not as many women coming up with that name
Jeff Itís from...itís from a movie....itís a reference from a movie. You know what that...anyone know what that movie is? Fancy Lads? (looks to crowd) Iím a fancy lad he says, from ca...
From crowd The Full Monty?
Jeff Full Monty, no....ummmm, Cabin Boy
Jay And a huge film too
JeffAnd then last week..(to crowd) Thank you (to Jay)...last week I called our.. Jawbone of an Ass. Is that a good name?
Jay Jawbone of an Ass?
Jeff You like that? Thatís no good either. What should I .....What should I call it?

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Jeff Ummm, how many guys in the group? Three?
Jeff No like it rotates, it rotates, weíre just like...jazz guys, there are five, five of us usually.
(Someone in crowd yells Jelff)
Jay Jelff! I like Jelff!
(Jeff smiles and thinks it over)
Jeff I like that
Jay You know, Jelff is good! Jellf is good, I like, I like it
Jeff Thank you, I like that
Jay You know, you could be like Beck, Cher, Madonna, Jelff
Jeff But itís not me, itís the group
Jay Itís the group of Jelff
Jeff I like that, I like that, itís very good
Jay Have you recorded now?
Jeff We did a..thereís a, thereís a umm album for the wildlife waystation that we did a cut for
Jay I know them, sure...
Jeff You do, yeah? Umm, Peter Harris wrote this song and I did a little bit on it, I wrote these lyrics, and...
Jay Whatís the name of the song?
Jeff Itís called Born Freeky-F-R-E-E-K-Y, like born free....because itís about animals and stuff.
Jeff Can you sing a little bit of it?
Jeff it just goes... (to Kevin) Itís to the tune of...itís a minor version of the...rhythm changes
Kevin OK
Jeff Yeah, umm, hey can you dig the rebop, I was born freeky, like uniquey, Iím the sheik of Arabicy, Iím a super freak, Iím super freeky, oh this music is sneaky, itís almost cheeky, weíre passing the torch and I donít mean Tiki, so that maybe you freaks can be reborn freeky.
(crowd cheers)
JeffYes, yes
(Kevin plays tune and Jeff scats along with the melody)
Jay Kind of a mellow tune, do you think youíre a mellow guy?
Jeff I donít know, do I seem mellow?
Jay You do seem mellow, you seem like a very cool guy. Are you a cool guy? I donít mean that in a conceited way, but youíre kind of a cool guy. Thatís one thing, because whenever I hear your name mentioned they always go "oh, heís kind of a cool guy" because they go down and watch you play..piano
Jeff Well, when you play Jazz, people think youíre cool
Jay See you have the long fingers, (Jeff holds out hands "yeah") that seems to work, see I have little stubby hands
Jeff No, theyíre not little stubby, theyíre powerful. They look like...
Jay Do you ever lose your temper? Do you get angry? Are you an angry guy?
JeffWell, you know, not, the truth is..not on a daily basis, no Iím not angry a lot, in my we acting we have to.. you know..dadadada, so I have the gift of fury that can be...
Jay The gift of fury...
Jeff used if I want it. But in life, no, but I can get angry
Jeff What do you when you get angry? DO you have a special thing that you do
Jeff (takes a deep breath and clinches hands to chest) Different things..I mean a lot of the times..a lot of the times I just get quiet and withdrawn..
Jay slow boil
Jeff yeah, not as healthy. If Iím in a more healthy state. I say look Iím very upset and I kinda do this (hits himself) Look, Iím very, very upset
Jay You hit yourself?
Jeff Yeah, I kinda do that and do some things there (hits desk)
Jay Thatís how you get the anger out.
Jeff Yes
Jay Cause I remember you had a thing you used to do. Whatís this, whatís this...remember this gesture...remember you told me that time. Remember we had this discussion a long time ago and you told me you project the anger...
Jeff (laughs) Where you say (Makes motion towards Jay) Go away, go away, go away as if Iím, as if Iím sending electric..euuuu.....
(Jay laughs)
Jay Does that work? A carjacker comes up to you and you go (makes motion) (mockingly) "GO away, go away". Do you find that as effective?
Jeff (Jeff does the motion towards Jay again) Go away, go away....Yes it works everytime, guaranteed
Jay Well, the movie sounds terrific..Do you know Melissa?
Jeff I just met her backstage
Jay Do you think sheís cute?
Jeff Yes, very cute, very pretty...what are you trying to say?
Jay I donít know, youíre single, sheís single, sparks could fly. If people turned away right now, they could miss the start of something...
Jeff (a little dumbfounded) ughh, if.....
Jay Jeff Goldblum everyone, weíll be right back with Melissa Joan Hart.

[Iím going to transcribed the parts of Melissaís interview that directly relate to Jeff. There are parts in-between that have been edited out]

(Jay introduces Melissa, she comes out, hugs Jay and Jeff)
Jay Have you met Jeff before?
Melissa Yeah, backstage
Jay So thatís the first time
Melissa Yeah, but Iím a big fan of Jurassic Park
Jeff oh, thank you
Melissa actually there was a party not to long ago for the Emperors New Clothes, you did the emperors new clothes
Jeff so did Jay
Melissa yeah, thatís right
Jay you were supposed to be there werenít you?
Melissa Yes, I was supposed to be at this party but I was shooting in Utah and I tried, I tired my hardest to get there. I like got the crew to the set early and we worked really hard and they gave me a police escort to the airport and I ran to the wrong gate. I missed the plane by like 30 seconds
Jay I think Dr. Ruth took your place
Jeff no
Jay Yeah, I think Dr. Ruth....
Melissa read my part
Jeff oh really? I didnít know that
Melissa You were at the party right?
Jeff Yeah
Jay and he was asking about you
Melissa I heard that actually, no just kidding!
Jay Do you ever go out with older guys? Iím curious
Melissa ummm, ummm, not really. But Iím open to anything.
Jay Youíre 22 right?
Melissa (turns to Jeff) How old are you? No, just kidding, I wonít ask, thatís rude, but youíre not a woman so I guess I could
Jeff Sure you could, Iím 46
Melissa (smiles) OK
Jay I met your dad backstage, how old is your dad?
Melissa 45
(Jeff looks down at the floor and laughs, crowd laughs)
Jeff Ohh, Jay, ohh, Jay
Jay Iím sorry Jeff, I didnít, I didnít set that up, I didnít know how old her dad was
Jeff That is a bitter pill
Melissa My dad is very young

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Jay Thereís nothing wrong with that. Do you have any bad date stories, ever been on a bad date?
[Melissa tells a bad date story about a boy singing the lion king soundtrack and makes comments about how a guy who sings showtunes is obviously gay]
Jay Is that always a sign? If they know showtunes?
Melissa I think so?
(to Jay) Do you...
Jay I havenít seen the Lion King
Melissa You ever sing show tunes at shows?
Jeff (grinning, obviously lying) I donít know a single lyric of a show tune (rolls eyes)
Jay But you see, he is very secure as a man. He even bellydances, did you see him belly dance?
Melissa I did. I was kind of impressed. My mother was backstage and she just kind of looked at me like "Melissa"
Jay Did your mother warn you about him?
Melissa No, she didnít warn me, sheís really cool about that.
[Melissa talks about her belly button ring next. She says when she is getting sick, it aches and mentions herbal medicine while playing with it through her dress]
Jay Jeff, you know a lot about herbal medicine and things, what does it mean if youíre wearing a belly button ring...what does it do, does it change colors or something?
Jeff (fascinated with Melissaís stomach) Ummm
Melissa No, it just starts to ache and it gets stuck. I thought Iíd share with all of you
Jeff Wow, Itís in now, can you feel it now? (reaches to touch Melissaís stomach but thinks better of it)
Melissa yeah, itís become such a part of me
Jay and you feel all right?
Melissa Yeah, I feel...
Jay now Jeff I know you a little about these things
Melissa (to Jeff) Do you have any piercings anywhere?
Jeff Do you think that I do, do imagine that I do?
Melissa ummmm, sure, well after that dance you donít know
Jay Heís very mysterious
Melissa Youíre really trying here arenít you?
[Melissa mentions a new movie sheís working on called "Jacobís Hands" Jay replies: "Jacobís hands, this is Moseís brother! Itís fate!"]

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