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The Late Show with David Letterman

The Lost World appearance

Contributed to by Kristen. Photos contributed by Maggie. Thanks Kristen and Maggie!

[The entire audience is from Denver tonight, and Dave has united two Denverites and now they're going to get married. Jeff trots out from backstage and into the audience carrying a nice blender with a red ribbon on it and gives it to the newly engaged couple. He then nearly trips over the chair, and shakes Dave's hand]

Jeff: Hello, my friend.
Dave: Please, have a seat!
Jeff: Thank you, I will.
Dave: Let me just take a second here to try and clumsily embarrass you by saying, you know, I think the world of you.
Jeff: Why, thank you.
Dave: You know, I think you're a great actor, you bring so much to every film, every part, you're a -- you're a gentleman.
Jeff: That's so sweet, I really appreciate it.
Dave: You're always very nice to us on this program, you come whenever we ask you and you're always terrific and and like that, you're very generous, you gave those kids a lovely blender.
Jeff: Thank you very much. Thank you so much, I love you for saying that.
Dave: Do you know anything about Denver? You've probably spent time there in your life, haven't you?
Jeff: I love Denver! I am a -- I'm just a Denv -- [crowd cheers, Jeff rolls his eyes and looks at Dave, grinning] Absolutely!
Dave: Well.
Jeff: It's true. I love every single thing about Denver. [Dave laughs.] Denver Pile!
Dave: [laughs] Oh, he's very good.
Jeff: The Denver Omelet! What's in the Denver Omelet?
Dave: I'm not sure.
[they look to the audience, apparently somebody out there knows]
Dave and Jeff: Ham.
Jeff: Onions, and...
Dave: Green peppers!
Jeff: Green peppers, green peppers, there you go. Thank you. Excellent. They're all members of the Mile High Club? No-- [applause] Or am I mixing it up?
Dave: No, I don't know. I know there was some kind of trouble on the plane.
Jeff: Probably, yes.
Dave: We have a clip of you?
Jeff: Oh, yeah, no! I was just in fact in Denver around the Pike's Peak area, yeah yeah, I did take footage.
Dave: This is you?
Jeff: Did you get the clip? Yeah!
Dave: I think we have it! Do you need to set it up or anything?
Jeff: May I show you? Oh, it's just me, when I was there, I knew I was coming here and I was on vacation so I took a little footage.
[scene switches to obvious backdrop of mountains.]
Dave: Wow!
[Jeff walks to middle of screen, sips from can of beer]
Jeff: I love beer at high altitudes. [Jeff walks off , stage left. Scene switches back.]
Dave: Was that on a tripod? He put the camera on a tripod, and obviously walked in.
Jeff: Yes, exactly.
Dave: Well, here we go! Is this going to be another huge blockbuster?
Jeff: Oh, I hope, you know, I don't count my chickens, I'm not taking anything for granted, but, um, I saw it about a week ago --
Dave: How is it different from the, the first, ah, dinosaur movie?
Jeff: Yes.It's fabulous, it's, um, scarier?
Dave: Right.
Jeff: It's a very pleasurable adventure. More dinosaurs, different dinosaurs, incredible! The whole dinosaur technology for making these things, creating this illusion has leaped forward.
Dave: Now, the original dinosaurs-- the original dinosaurs, were they digitally created or were they actually there?
Jeff: You make it sound funny. No, I know what you mean.
Dave: I know, I sound like a dumb guy, but...
Jeff: No, I know. Not real dinosaurs, but he's right, um, half the time they were mechanical dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaurs, and half the time, yes, they put them in later. They all won Oscars, the guys, they all, they won Oscars, it's true.
Dave: Now are there more of... of... mechanical dinosaurs or more, ah, animated dinosaurs?
Jeff: Same percentage. Both -- there's a lot more dinosaurs and both are the same.
Dave: Yeah.
Jeff: We have a... there was a...
Jeff: What? What are they enjoying?
Dave: Now I thought you were killed. You weren't killed. I thought a dinosaur eats you in the first movie.
Jeff: Oh, no, no no no, I was very -- it's an, an heroic episode, I had a dinosaur chase me to get it away from kids. [to someone offstage] Bless you. [to audience] And, um --
Dave: [laughing] I don't know what's up with this. I'm not, ah...
Jeff: Yeah, it's those damned peanuts!
Dave: Somebody must've broken open the ham, apparently. Whoo!
Jeff: Jeez! They're loose as a goose!
Dave: I don't know, I'm clean on this deal. I'm here, both hands on the table, so it ain't me.
Jeff: Pull my finger. Jeez.
Dave: Oh, man, thank God the mayor isn't here to see this!
Jeff: He would be mortified.
Dave: Well, you know, ah, Jeff, we have a clip here of the film.
Jeff: Really?
Dave: Yeah, you know what we're going to be seeing here?
Jeff: Let me see, I do, I do, do I do I do I do I? Yeah, I'll see it, and then we'll talk about it...
Dave: Now, let's make sure people get the name of the film.
Jeff: Yes! It's called "The Lost World.."
Dave: "The Lost World..."
Jeff: "Jurassic Park."
Dave: "Jurassic Park." Here we go, Jeff Goldblum. Watch closely.
[the "Ooh, aah" scene plays.]
Dave: Pretty impressive!
Jeff: Oh, yeah, they can do... that's computer... they can do so much...that was Richard Schiff there and Vince Vaughn in that scene, but the dinosaurs were computer generated --
Dave: That's early in the film, that right there, is that right?
Jeff: Exactly.
Dave: And once again the dinosaurs go nuts and kill people.
[Jeff nods]
Dave: Yeah, okay. When you're -- You travel all over the world to promote the film, that must be great fun. Cause you go to Australia, you go to Europe, you go to wherever you go to.
Jeff: Exactly! This summer, you know, a movie like this opens close together all over the world, so they're sending me, it's like, how lucky am I? It's like cash and prizes, you know, I get... I get to go all -- a worldwide trip! I go to Mexico, I've never been to Mexico, can you imagine that? It's like being in a neighborhood where you've never met your neighbors! I'll go and I'l give them a pound cake or something, shouldn't I bring something? I think so, I don't like to come empty-handed. And then Japan, I'll go to Japan again, I've been there! They're so great --
Dave: They must love you there, I'd think they have an affinity for you there.
Jeff: Why?
Dave: Well, because of the, you know, the, the, the scary movies, and you know, those things, and you're a, you're a man of great physical stature, I would...
Jeff: As are you.
Dave: Well... it must be fun to be in Japan.
Jeff: It really is fun. They're great. I tell you, the last time I was there, we showed the, um, premiere of "Jurassic Park" and I snuck into the backs of houses the first week or two, because I love when they go nuts, to hear people go nuts and scream their heads off and this time, I'm sure, more, and in Japan it's a, there's a cultural, it's a sweet cultural difference where I was sitting there and watching the big T-rex attack scene, you remember, they're attacking the kids, and it's just horrific, people would go nuts, and there wasn't a peep in the theater!
Dave: No sound at all.
Jeff: No sound whatsoever, and I leaned forward, and I looked down my row, to a man, to a woman, they were all going
[leans back in seat with hand over mouth].
Dave: Wait.
Jeff: I don't think it's polite to make noise, but they were so cute!
Dave: Well, it may not be for sensitive filmgoers. It may be too powerful for sensitive filmgoers. They might have just been stunned.
Jeff: Don't know. True enough, true enough, they're very sweet. Oh, it's an intense experience! I was jumping out of my chair!
Dave: The new film opens May 24th?
Jeff: May 23rd. Memorial Day, yeah.
Dave: Good for you, good for you. It's going to be another huge hit. Do us a favor, whenever you're in this area, please come back!
Jeff: I 'd love to.
Dave: Thank you very much.
Jeff: Thank you so much.
Dave: Jeff Goldblum, ladies and gentlemen!

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