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Holy Man Appearance

October 9, 1998

Mark You know, there are good people in this business and there are great people in this business, and little Jeff Goldblum, who isnít little, heís 6 foot 4, is one of the great ones. Plays the piano, heís gonna play a little jazz for us this morning.
Jane One of those who knew ...Fascinating name of the group he plays in, five Italian guys, and thereís three of them
Mark none of them are Italian
Jane But thatís him heís got a great sense of humor
Mark Heíll be coming up twice today....

(news on the show)
(They show Jeff before the commercial)

Mark Is it true that King Kong Vs. Godzillia had a big effect on you when you were younger?
Jeff (laughs) Yeees
Mark Wait, donít answer, weíll have the answer after the break

Introduction (the real segment)
Mark Itís 18 after the hour, Independence Day, Jurassic Park, two of the biggest money makers ever both starred Jeff Goldblum, in his new movie Holy Man, Jeff plays a struggling salesman whose home shopping network is a financial flop.
(shows "flat sales" "Holyman" clip that ends with Rickyís boss telling him "Itís not about what you sell, itís about the way you sell it . Itís about making people feel they have to have it when they donít really want it....)
Mark That is what itís all about...hello Jeff
Jeff Hello Mark
Mark Good to see yo....I had to pull you away from Jane, you were hugging her like crazy like you did the last time
Jeff oh, Jane is so sweet and she looks great
Mark She does. Good to see you again
Jeff Nice to see you
Mark Give me a little history before we get into Holy Man
Jeff Whatever you want Mark
Mark When you did the Big Chill, the movie that defined baby boomer, as you guys were making it, did you talk amongst yourselves, did you know the impact it was going t have?
Jeff Ummm, I didnít. Do you know itís coming out...theyíre re-releasing it on the big screen pretty soon.
Mark Yes
Jeff noooo, I donít think was a surprise...somebody knew Ďcase they...cause Larry Cassaden and people, the director, were very passionate and thought, I think they thought, it could catch on. But I think for even more for them, and certainly for me I just had the idea we were doing something special that I thought might be good and we were having a wonderful time with each other.
Mark All right, letís talk about Eddie Murphy. When I spoke to him he spoke very highly of you, he loves the fly. Whatís this (opens jacket) He told me to do that and see what you did (Jeff laughs) Whatís it like working with Eddie Murphy?
Jeff Heís great, he great, I did....I met him years ago, we did a music video together, did you know, with BB King?
Mark I didnít know that
Eddie murphy
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Jeff Yeah, I played the piano a little bit and he played the drums. Heís very musical. Heís great. I adore him...heís hilarious, of course, but heís very sweet. On this movie, from the time I first met him, he was, umm, just so supportive. I just felt good around him. Itís like his character in this movie. Maybe heís so talented he was already working on that...but I think heís like that, heís very real and down to earth. Itís like at the end of "Beverly Hills Cop" where you feel, you know heís been funny, but what a wonderful guy...what a darling, adorable guy that youíre so enriched by having known. Heís like that in the movie, heís like that in real life.
Mark "King Kong Vs. Godzilla", talk to me. How did that affect you?
Jeff (smiles) Oh, I was young, you know, and it was like the first big event movie in Pittsburgh, there was there theater, the Leona theater, three balconies, gorgeous little place...and my sister and I, Pam, used to go to the movies every couple of weeks. They changed the movie theater, when I saw this trailer to "King Kong Vs Godzilla", I donít know what it was, I was a kid, thought, (wow sigh) I gotta see that, that is...I canít believe that....and apparently every other kid in town thought the same thing cause it was a different thing, when we went to the movie theater, it was full, packed. I think it was thousands of kids, and you couldnít hear a thing from the time the movie started, they were screaming and throwing popcorn boxes and things, very rowdy, but I loved it. Iíve seen it recently itís kind of (makes face) cheesy, but great.
I gotta see this
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Mark (laughs) Cheesy, but great. Thereís a book that youíre involved with, "The Emperors New Clothes", itís a very...fighting the good fight. Tell me about this book.
Jeff Itís for the Starbright Foundation which helps seriously ill children and Steven Speilburg and General Swartzcoff had something to do with spearheading this whole thing. A bunch of celebrity types kinda of wrote different parts of the story so itís a retelling and then we all kind of recorded it on a CD that you get with the book, and itís coming out at Christmas so you can buy it...and it it does very good work...
Mark And youíre going to play a little jazz piano for use later?
Jeff If you like...if you sing
Mark We were talking about this
Jeff Talking and singing...Did you know he sang? You sing so beautifully
Mark Well ....Occasionally
Jeff We can sing...I know.. I mean whatever weíre gonna do here, I know that you and I would get a kick out of going through the fake book and singing every song there is for hours, every song there is, youíre great.
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Mark Also, umm, youíre a black belt in karate?
Jeff (Jeff laughs) I am?
Mark Iíve been reading up..youíre not a black belt in karate?
Jeff I...ummm...donít try anything (takes Karate pose) ummm, I, no, Iím not, I certainly couldnít claim...I hesitated for a, Iím not no black belt in karate....
Mark Where did I hear that from? Thatís has nothing...oh, youíre wearing a blackbelt...that maybe that was it...lost my head briefly, thought he was black belt...
Jeff Well, Iíve studied a little bit. I can take care of myself I suppose
Mark I know you teach acting. Whatís the "Ouch" within you? Iíve been reading everything about you!
Jeff Oh that was this article that made it seem....often acting lessons, acting classes, people have weird ideas about them anyway, oh that stupid stuff, you donít need to do that, in bad classes, thatís probably true. It often sounds esoteric and weird and mysterious, oh, how can I explain this brief......
Mark We have, not enough ti....
Jeff oh, (smiles) we donít have enough time!
Mark Let me see....Give me a little High-Ya
Jeff You have moves? Well, you do.
Mark Iím wearing a black belt today to.
Jeff Here do this (holds hands out flat, Mark does the same, Jeff slaps, they play the reflex game)
Jeff now itís my turn, go you missed
Mark Youíre going to play piano for us when we get back?
Jeff If you like
Mark I keep missing
(they play slap into the break)
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Jeff at the Piano
(Jeff sits at piano after break playing)
Mark Oh, an arial shoot
Jane Back here with jazz man, Jeff Goldblum, who knew?
Mark And I was playing slap with those fingers? Hitting his fingers...
Jane itís like messing with a surgeon ....Thereís two who knews here folks
Mark who knew one
Jane who knew one, Jeff Goldblum sings and plays the piano and is part of a jazz group called three guys..
Mark five guy from Italy....but itís three guys
Jane and none of them are from Italy....Second who knew is (looks at Mark, mark hold head in his hands saying "donít do this") We know that your sister was an Opera singer, we know that your dad loves to sing, but we didnít know that Mark McQuwin was a singer. Right Jeff?
Jeff Heís a great singer. I was in the dressing room and he was singing great..heís a great singer
Mark You know, what you couldnít see was the manís arm up my back and he was doing the ventriloquist act
Mark Howíd you get into playing the piano my know...offered all of us kids lessons and I took lessons and that was it. I discovered jazz and ..and itís just a hobby for me and this band is just a hobby for me, the name always keeps changing in fact, itís now..I donít know...
Jane Itís not five guys from Italy anymore?
Jeff I donít think so, whatever you want..but Peter Weller plays with us occasionally, and Peter Harris whose a great musician. We just wrote a song thatís on this....
Mark Peter Weller plays trumpet, right?
Jeff Thatís and this guy Peter Harris just wrote this song thatís on this Wildlife Waystation benefit album
Mark Can you play a little bit of that?
Jeff Yeah, itís called "Born Freeky"..(starts the song)
Jane "Born Free" you mean?
Jeff no born freeky (sings) and the tune goes (plays)something like that...heís a very talented, Peter Harris, very good.
Mark Play something out of thing (flips through Jeffís book)
Jeff If you sing, what would you like to sing?
Jane It has to be something he knows the words to
Mark Well, play this one
Jane As Time go by, play that
Jeff Everyone knows Happy Birthday. (to Jane) Itís your birthday today, have you sung that?
(all sing Happy Birthday)
Mark You know this...
(plays As Time Go By" while Mark sings and says that he hates to sing and he is horrible at it)

Jeff Youíre so good! People are so ashamed of singing. Like their parents tell them, "donít sing, donít sing". When anyone like you probably sings they say "oh keep your day job" or whatever. But, people should sing, you should sing
Mark Play the Flintstones theme and tell us why itís in the book
Jeff Itís in there because I like it..but Jazz guys know, everyone knows, that..umm, itís based on the "rhythm changes" from "I got rhythm"
Jane The Flintstones theme?
Jeff Yes, in fact all these songs right here are from that same thing, you know I got rhythm
(sings "I got rhythm" and then does "The Flintstones Theme" while scatting)
Mark Why do piano players do that (Scats) You know Earle Gardner, you could always hear him making noises.
Jeff Oh, I loved Earle Gardner, I grew up in Pittsburgh, he was from Pittsburgh. My dadís favorite song was "Misty" (Jeff plays a jazzy version of "Misty")
Jane Thatís Misty with new life though
Jeff (smiles)Well, I donít know about that.
Jane So when people come to your house for dinner, do you end it with cigars and brandy by the piano?
Jeff I donít smoke cigars. I donít drink piano...uuhh, brandy, but I do get around the piano
flipping through book Jane Fruit juice and fresh air
Mark 1 out of 3 ainít bad
Jeff itís nice Iím telling you, Iím sure if we were not in these public surroundings we would go and sing...
Mark play a little something, weíre out of here Jeff...Holy Man, run and go see it, Jeff Goldblum is in it....on her birthday
Jane Itís always nice to see you Jeff
(Jeff plays into commercial)

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