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Dec 18th 1998

Meredith Yes itís him. Youíve seen him in some of the biggest blockbusters in movie history from Jurassic Park to Independence Day and his movies continue to reach for the heavens. You can hear him as Mosesí brother Aaron in the movie that critics are calling the number one family movie of the season, take a look at The Prince of Egypt
(Days Work Clip)
Please welcome Jeff Goldblum
Jeff enters, hosts welcome him
Starr (quietly) Youíre bad
Jeff (quietly) Oh, I am not
StarrYou know what, its about....before the questions, I gotta tell you, our executive producer was a little bit irritated because your the biggest chick magnet to ever be here at the view. Am I telling the truth?
(Crowd Cheers)
(to Phil in audience) I mean Phil, all the women have lost their minds, havenít they?
Phil (in audience) Itís been a little hard to get work done
Debbie Are you jealous?
Phil I canít stand him
Jeff Oh, youíre so sweet. Look at all of you, youíre so enchanting and lively and beautiful. (women protest, "Oh Stop") No, itís true!
Meredith Oh stop tell us about the movie. How do you audition for animation?
Jeff You know, umm, I didnít, umm, luckily audition. You know I was working on the Lost World with Steven Speilburg and Jeffery Katenzburg who youíll see in a second...
Starr Heís coming out
Jeff (knods) yeees, heís coming out...said, uh, uh, lemme talk to you about something and he took me to this building where they had done two years of work, and art work they had dadadada, and he introduced me to these three directors, there were three directors on this movie, and they took me through the movie, there was no script effort, and he took me through and said would you like to do this? And they had made a black and white tape, a moving tape of my character and my voice from a couple of other of movies. So I saw what it would be like and then they told me about the story and what they wanted to do with it and who else was going to be in it, who you know (looks at hosts).
Starr And you thought be there
Jeff Yes, I was thrilled...
Joy Moses is very cute too...
(hosts comment, yeah, he is cute, etc.)
You know, I am attracted to Jewish cartoon figures. (hosts laugh) Iím a sucker for a Jewish cartoon
Debbie Jeff, your character was very cute as well
Jeff Thank you Debbie
Joy Did you have to read the Bible to prepare for this? You know what did you have to do?
Jeff Well, I knew about the story since I was a ki--kid, but I did look at it more and what a (trademark Goldblum pause) ummm, story, what a heroic story. Of course, itís a moving story but very relevant, you know, if you sort of, if you sort of uncover for meanings and messages and lessons from it. Itís very interesting isnít it? (hosts agree) To me it is (trademark long s)
Starr That sort of leads us to where weíre going a little bit today. You know, when you sit in the pit the women we sometimes do the question of the day, and since the Prince of Egypt is about the battle of good triumphing over evil and you play a pretty scrupleles guy, youíre Aaron, a good guy, and we wanted to find out just how much a good guy the real Jeff Goldblum is, so we thought it would be fun to play a game we call "What would you do if".
Jeff I know this game, I love this game, thereís a board game like this called Scruples right?
(hosts "Oh yeah" "Youíre exactly right")
Starr OK, hereís how this works, in the bowl there are cards containing questions to answer, and trust me they are not easy questions to answer.
Joy How do you know?
Meredith Because sheís seen them
Joy Have you seen them?
Starr I have not seen them.
All hosts then how do you know?
Starr Because the person who is the producer is an evil woman and she would not make them easy to answer. Aaron I love you. Pick out a card, read the question, and answer it, and Jeff you get to choose.
Jeff Ohhhh, this is weird thing. Usually when we do it at home we have a bowl or a hat or something. This is like....remember that movie Dune the Gong Jabber, you put this in the thing and you stick your hand inside and you feel like itís burning..ok (reaches in) so hereís a big one, oh there all like cards...OK, I got one.
Starr OK, read it
Jeff What would you do if you and your long time lover were on vacation. He or she decides to take a nap while you decide to take a dip in the hot tub. While in the hot tub
Meredith Oh come on!
Jeff You got the idea so far?
Starr OK, youíre in the tub, go ahead
Jeff You and your long time lover are on vacation, sheís gonna take a nap, and your gonna go to the hot tub. While in the hot tub a sexy stranger starts to seductively play footsie with you. Do you stay or do you go?

Watch This Scene

Watch This Scene
Starr OK Jeff, youíre first honey
Jeff Oh gees, lets see. I mean, what would I truthfully do, what should you do?
Meredith What would you truthfully do
Starr Iím taking my shoes off right now
Jeff Ohh baby, what a lovely foot (plays footsie with Starr) Oh I donít care long I was with a lover, if you were in the hot tub and you started to do this, Iíd stay. Thatís my answer. And you know..umm..oh it depends on all sorts of thing, very complicated...
Starr Yes or no?
Jeff Thereís nothing wrong with playing footsie.....thatís my answer.
Starr Meredith?
Meredith I think Iíd go because you get all shrivelly, so nothing is going to happen, ultimately.
Starr You know you can find a way of wussing of out of even this one.
Meredith I am not wussing out. You know everything is going to be shriveled up and nothing is going to happen.
Jeff Oh, thatís not true, thatís not true. Youíve never had something really sexy happen in a hot tub?
Meredith Not yet
Starr And if you keep wussing out every time you never will
Jeff All sorts of things are possible
Debbie I agree, thereís nothing wrong with playing footsie. Youíre not having an affair, you havenít even kissed the person.
Joy I would stay, but I would stay because my toes are my best feature and I would want to show them off. Look at these toes!
Jeff Nothing wrong with those toes
Joy perfectly graduated
Jeff Yes, perfectly graduated
Joy Are you a foot a fetisher?
Jeff Fetish...fetish is weird in some way, but in fact Iím very particular and attracted to certain kinds of hands and feet and if Iím interested in somebody, I notice their hands and feet.
Joy You know both my husbands have had these huge gnarled toes. Itís disgusting.....
Starr Weíre going to continue to discuss feet and hands and all kinds of things that happen in hot tubs because when we come back Jeff will be joined by the man behind Prince of Egypt, Jeffery Katenzburg.

Commericial Break. When they return from Commerical, Katzenburg is siting on couch beside Jeff.
Starr We were just having a good time talking to Jeff Goldblum from Prince of Egypt. Now joining us is the man responsible for reincarnating the story of Moses, executive producer and co. founder of DreamWorks SKG, Jeffery Katenzburg. Both Jeffís on the couch. (applause) You know, itís a fun movie. The guys are hot, the women are good looking, what a great way to learn about the Bible.
Joy We were just how buff the Pharaoh is, where did he work out?
Katenzburg (pointing to Jeff) Chick magnet
(Jeff smiles)
Starr Actually Iím gonna tell you one of the things that I really love about this is that the people are portrayed in different colors. They are actually the skin color of people who were in Africa at the time and Iíve never seen that and I want you to know that was very appreciated at least from me and my little nephew, thank you very much.
(crowd cheers, Katenzburg and Jeff both nod)
Starr so I hear thatís there is a little anxiety because....
Katenzburg well, (to Jeff) today were feeling a little bit better, right?
(Jeff nods)
Joy Whatís the anxiety?
Katenzburg well you know itís opening in 10,000 theaters around the world
hosts "wow" "great deal"
Katenzburg we spent 4 years of our lives working on it, thatís 10% of my life, thatís a long time to do one thing. We have a little cheer that we do.
hosts: do the cheer

Watch this scene
Jeff and Katenzburg (lousy dance like movement involved) Go Moses, Go Moses, Go! Go Moses, Go Moses, Go!
Starr You should have a better beat to it Jeffrey, I gotta help you!
Katenzburg Well, you know, itís the best I can do. Heís better (points to Jeff) He has a...(looks at Jeff and both grin) you do it better
Jeff (laughingly) He does an impression of me. We were in Madrid and he did for the whole table.
Hosts Do it
Katenzburg It takes to long
Starr Trust me this one is going to be wild, this is going to be wonderful, wonderful ride for people to see.
Meredith Why did you want to animate the story of Moses because it is a little risky and itís not like you can get a lot of action figures out of it. I mean you canít have G-D
Joy How do you know? Did you sleep with Moses?
Meredith I donít think so
Joy I didnít think so, talk about an action figure
Starr in a hot tub.
Katenzburg I canít top any of that. (laughs from hosts) I just think itís one of the most exciting stories that we have and that we know. I mean Cecile B. Demile told it first a silent film and then years later as a talking movie thought that he could do so much more with it, umm, when my partner Steve Speilburg said "why donít you do the ten commandments in animation?" to me it was just an instantly great idea and I thought we could make a really exciting interesting fun movie for people which is an amazing story about a remarkable man.
Meredith Itís filled with a lot of other celebrity voices as well like Val Kilmer, Ralph Finees, Michelle Peifer, Danny Glover
Katzenburg Sandra Bullock
Merecith how did you select the actors?
Katenzburg we actully listened to the voice, we have a wonderful casting director whose worked with me for years, Leslie Phelps. She comes in and we tell her what the roles are that we want and then she plays the voices and doesnít tell use who they are. Itís kind of like name that tune. I could name Jeff Goldblum in four words. It such a distinctive voice.
Starr And then you went after them based on their voice for the animation?
Katenzburg Right and because in the movie weíre trying to do something thatís very real. Its actually trying to bring a painting to life as opposed to a cartoon. We really needed the best actors and actresses in the world. and the reason that they are such big stars is that they are the best.
(hits Jeff friendly in the knee, Jeff smiles)
Starr: Not Bad
Debbie I was fixiní to say, wow! Iím sorry I keep sucking up about the movie but it is wonderful
Joy He doesnít mind a little sucking up
Starr Well, some of the scenes in the move are fantastic. I donít want to give anything away...
Katenzburg Give it away
Starr The parting of the red sea is just amazing
Katenzburg Itís an interesting thing, I donít know about you, but when I went to see Titanic, I knew it was going to sink. I think everyone knows the red sea is going to part, so give it away, go for it.
Starr OK, so give it away. You cannot imagine how overwhelming it is
Katenzburg I didnít imagine how it was going to sink, I just knew it would sink.
Starr the chariot chase is great also, itís great! weíre giving all the good stuff away. I promise youíll be fascinated by it when you go and your whole family will be fascinated by it. Not bad, not bad at all. Thank you two, both Jeffs. The movie is Prince of Egypt and is playing at theaters everywhere. When we come back the critic who knows all, Rex Reed........

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