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Michael Crichton wrote the novels that inspired the movies Jurassic Park and Hideaway. He writes strictly sci-fi (even his attempts at drama such as Disclosure and A Case of Need are covered in science fiction). He comes from a strong scientific background (medical school, etc.).

I'm a huge Crichton fan and that is why there are descriptions with most of these novels. I haven't read some of the other books that features.

A story about a plane ride gone bad.

The Andromeda Strain
An unknown virus escapes and kills everyone in a town except for two people. The "wildfire" team must figure out what it is and how to stop it.

A Case of Need
A doctor must make a difficult descion to abort a woman's child or not

A strange group of Gorillas attacks scientist while on a jungle expedition.
A man working at a high tech software comapny accuse his boss of sexual harassment.

Five Patients : The Hospital Explained
A detailed look at five patients in a hospital and the doctors who care for them.

The Great Train Robbery
A band of robbers plans the greatest train Heist in History.

Jurassic Park
Gentically engineered dinosaurs inhabit Isla Nublar.

The Lost World
The sequel to Jurassic Park.

The Lost World : Jurassic Park : The Movie Storybook
The movie Storybook, lots of pictures (some of Jeff).

Michael Crichton's Jurassic World

Both Jurassic Park Novels with added scenes.

Rising Sun
An investigator and his partner study crime in a Japanese "mafia".

Very good book. A group of scientist boards a ship where they discover an unusual object.

The Terminal Man
Crichton's attempt at a modern Frankenstein. A man is "implanted" with electrodes that control his emotions.

Micheal Crichton's very interesting biography. Includes psychic experiences, med school, and writing.