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SAY WHAT?! That's right, has been sleeping for a while, but thanks to our renewed interest in Jeff (and everyone googling him because of Jurassic World), we'll be making some changes soon. We're keeping the cheesy 90s feel, because we're the cheesy 90s JP and a cheesy 90s fan site!

New to Cable - Spinning Boris, March 14 (Showtime)
New to Video - Get Igby Goes Down on DVD & VHS Perfume is on DVD and VHS.

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Biography - a little about Jeff's life, background, and how he came to acting
Charity Affliations - learn more about the charities that Jeff is associated with
Fan Mail Address - Where to send all your mail to Jeff
Filmography - A listing of all of Jeff's films with information, photos, reviews, and purchasing information
Interviews - A small collection of print interviews and online chats
The Jeff Shop - Buy Jeff related books, cds, movies, and more
Magazine Archive - Photos, dates, and transcribed article from Jeff's magazine appearances
Music - Jeff plays Jazz piano with a band in Hollywood, here's a little info about them
Other Projects - CD-roms, books, cds, and other projects I couldn't find a better place for
Television Archive - Photos, dates, and transcribed article from Jeff's television appearances
Television Schedule - TVNow's listing of when Jeff will be on TV this month
Tenspeed and Brownshoe - a special section dedicated to Jeff's 1980s television series
Theater Projects - Before Jeff was on the big screen, he was on the stage, see what plays he did

Desktop Theme - Microsoft plus theme lets you customize your desktop with Jeff icons, wallpaper, and sounds.
Photos - check out Jeff's good looking self with these photos from movies, magazines, publicity shoots, and more

Fun Stuff:-
Ask Mr. Frost - A fun game where you can talk to Jeff's character, Mr. Frost
Goldblum O'grams - Send your friends or yourself a virtual card featuring Jeff
Goldblum Mail - Log into your mail account or set up a new one. This is a free webbased email address.
Jeff Puzzle - Assemble a puzzle of a picture of Jeff

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Chat - Join our weekly real time chat and chat about Jeff
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